Koun to attend Toshoji Winter Ango 2019 - Fundraiser with Rewards

Hello Tom Vincent here, also known as Koun. I am a novice zen monk raising funds in order to return to Japan to continue monastic training

I plan to go to Toshoji in Okayama where I ordained May 2018 and attend the official 90 day Winter Ango training period, October - December 2019, along side monks from Japan, Australia, and many other countries

email any questions, ideas, information etc, koun@tomvincent.com.au

Buddhism is symbolised by the lotus flower which flowers and fruits at the same time. Giving (dana) is the first perfection in Buddhism. The donor and receiver are one


-                       $1,500 goal

-                $1,220 raised so far



My life dream/vision is to build a Soto Shu senmon sodo, a zen training monastery in Tasmania. Last year the first official Soto Shu zen temple in Australasia was opened in Melbourne: Tokozan. This year our zen master Ekai Osho was installed as abbot and Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community held Australia's first monastic ango

The 90 day ango is the traditional training period dating back to Shakyamuni Buddha two and a half thousand years ago. The ango is central to zen training and from India via China and Japan it now comes to Australia

Since 2006 I have attended six angos, two as a monk. Really you should just stay in the monastery for many years constant training but we are adapting the model somewhat in order to do what we can to bring this tradition to Australia. I am doing the best I can to train as much as possible, to benefit all beings

My aims and objectives are in line with Jikishoan Zen Buddhist Community's:

i) To promote the teaching, practice and realisation of Shakyamuni Buddha in Australia for the welfare and peace of all.

ii) To encourage the teaching, methods and practice of all the Buddhas, ancestors and patriarchs associated with the Zen Schools of the Mahayana tradition.

iii) To promote, encourage, develop and assist the study and practice of Zen Buddhism in Australia with special emphasis on the teachings and methods of Eihei Dōgen Zenji and Keizan Zenji, the founders of the Soto Zen School in Japan.



going to Japan to train in Zen Monastery Toshoji

Winter Ango 90 days October through December 2019

Goal $1,500 (for travel expenses, flights, trains)