Jazzy January Update 

It has been a while since the last post, apologies! A very busy 2015 was the culprit due to recording and releasing a great new CD; the Tom Vincent Septet, which is getting lots of airplay and positive love, and a trip to the US to record with Branford Marsalis which was the highlight of the year. It has been a very busy start to 2016 with two gigs at MOFO in Hobart and a performance at the Mildura Arts Festival already done and dusted and now it is time to bunk down and start writing for a big project, the Tom Vincent Octet, which will be premiered in Hobart June 2016.

More soon. Keep in touch. I will. I promise xxx

Day 11 of our CD Pre-purchase Fundraiser 

Most of the songs that the Tom Vincent Trio perform are from the jazz standard repertoire. The majority of these tunes are from musicals and movies from the 1920s through to the 1950s. And a great deal of these brilliant composers from this era were Russian Jewish immigrants to America. Often the actors singing these songs were not great singers and so the melodies had to be strong, simple and pretty. The whole point of jazz is - yeah, SWINGIN' - but also taking the music somewhere deep and fresh. When melodies and harmonies are straightforward there is then a solid platform for the improvisers and audience alike to be taken on exciting, unformulated, spontaneous musical journeys.

When we record we play songs we know by heart. The intros, endings, interludes, and modulations both harmonic and metric, are all improvised without discussion or premeditation. 

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Day 4 of our pre-purchase CD fundraiser! 

A few moments ago we passed the $4000 mark!!!

Since we launched our campaign to raise funds needed to buy our first home together we have had a wonderful response from our family, friends and many of Tom's fans and fellow musicians. We are feeling a bit of excitement and some relief, now that the gap is closing, and would like to say a big thank you to those who have pre-purchased the CD (working title is Night Sessions) already. 

Our deadline is Friday 26th September. Christine xxx
This is how we will listen to Night Sessions in the lounge room of our new home.  We recommend you do the same when you receive your copy :D

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Day 2 of our pre-purchase CD Campaign 

Our House in the Suburbs! 

Two nights ago Christine and I launched a campaign to help raise funds to get us over the line for our first home loan together. We have already raised 10% of our target! Thank you so much to everyone so far who has been generous and pre-purchased my new CD, Night Sessions, to be released in October. 

We started the fundraising blitz because we were $25k short of the money we need to borrow to be able to buy the house - that is on top of the deposit we have saved up over the years. Being a freelance musician, it is very hard to get a loan from a bank to buy a house. Also, Christine has not been able to work full time for many years due to her ongoing back issues which are now coming good thanks to the wonders of a brilliant surgeon. Christine is working full-time now and the banks do like that, but it's just not enough to qualify us both for the full loan amount we need.

The house is great. It's not expensive. It's not the house in the photo. We are not going over our heads and it's in the suburbs. We are very excited. We have been renting in the same place for ten years now, which is costing us more than a mortgage. 

Our deadline is Friday 26th September. For $25 you can help us buy a home and also receive a great jazz CD.


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New CD Pre-sale Fundraising Blitz to Buy our New House!  

Christine and I have put a deposit on a house. We found one in the suburbs that is perfect for us and affordable. But we have hit a snag as the bank won't lend us the full amount we need. I am a musician and the banks do not like my irregular income.

We are $25,000 short. I know that a lot of you love my music and we hope you can help our situation by pre-purchasing my new CD, Night Sessions, which is in the process of being mastered right now.

In July this year the Tom Vincent Trio with Leigh Barker on double bass and Alf Jackson on drums played 6 nights over 8 days. The 3rd and 4th nights we spent in the recording studio with a beautiful 9ft Steinway. Out of 66 takes we have chosen the best tracks for the album. All the songs are from the great composers such as Henry Mancini, Thelonious Monk, Cole Porter, Sigmund Romberg and Vernon Duke.

Please help Christine and I buy our first house together by pre-purchasing this album. We will love you forever. All of my recordings are self-funded and this new recording is my best CD so far and it is very exciting. Christine is doing the artwork and Brian Ritchie is doing the liner notes. The CDs will be ready in October and the cost of purchase, $25, includes delivery.

Let's Go!!! We need to sell 1,000 CDs by 26th September!!


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Tom Vincent Jazz Club; and first Big Band rehearsal 

First Pop-up Bebop Jazz Club series
The Tom Vincent Pop-up Bebop Jazz Club is running it's inaugural season. It is a great success thanks to all the hard work Christine Scott has put into setting it up and thanks to all the many and various people who have been turning up these past four Friday nights

We have two more Friday nights to go. They are on the 7th and 14th of March

It's in the Studio Lounge at The Henry Jones Art Hotel
Thank you so much to everyone who have been coming along!

Click here to buy tickets for either of the last two shows, 7th and 14th March

Tom Vincent Big Band

Yesterday we had the first big band rehearsal of my very first big band I have put together of great local Hobart talent. I have tailored the band to include all the best players. It is a classic 16 piece big band with Tuba instead of bass trombone. The band includes Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra musicians and the rhythm section is the Tom Vincent Trio. I have been writing all new charts for this group since July 2013. Standards and originals. I will continue writing more charts, enough for a two set concert, which will  be presented later in the year. It was really exciting to hear the band play together for the first time yesterday, it sounds fat and lush, punchy and swingin!

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